11 Mar 2021

Pharmacy Management Celtic Conference

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Anna Fay

Lead Pharmacist, Lisburn Federation of Family Practices, Lisburn Health Centre

Anna Fay is a pharmacist with over 17 years of experience, working full time in general practice since 2007. She has been an independent prescriber since 2008 and has a DipHe in long-term conditions management and a special interest in respiratory and diabetes. Anna is currently Lead Pharmacist in Lisburn Federation of Family Practices and Project Manager for the Primary Care Training pathway delivered via the Queens University Belfast, NI Centre for Postgraduate Learning and Development (NICPLD). As a GP pharmacist, Anna is passionate about directly improving patient outcomes through high quality medication review and patient-facing clinics. As Federation Lead, 16 pharmacists are supported with their development and integration into the wider primary care team. Anna is a member of the Federation Education and Training sub-group and is keen to promote integrated training and development as this is considered to be the best way to work.

As part of the NICPLD team, Anna has created a GP Pharmacist Foundation Programme accredited by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. This is a structured framework for pharmacists transitioning to new roles in General Practice. Anna develops workshops and assessments, mentors participants, supports Leads in their role as educational supervisors and ensures participants are supported throughout the programme.

Anna is co-presenting How to build the pharmacy team of the future.

We know the positive impact pharmacy professionals have on patient care as part of multidisciplinary teams in hospitals, care homes, urgent and emergency care settings, primary care and the community. Pharmacy teams improve the safe use of medicines as well as optimise medicines use and reduce waste. In order to ensure that we offer a consistent and sustainable service in all settings, we must ensure that we 'build' pharmacy teams with the right skills and knowledge to improve patient care in an ever-changing environment. Join us to discuss what the future pharmacy team should look like, and how we can get there!

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