26 Mar 2019

1st Pharmacy Management Celtic Conference

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Bernadette Brown

Pharmacist Practitioner, Cadham Pharmacy, Fife, Scotland

Bernadette Brown understands community pharmacy. She specifically possesses a deep understanding of pharmacy practice, education and pharmaceutical care. Bernadette has led innovative projects in medicines management, public health and automation, which have released time to deliver excellence and improve quality of lives. She supports early intervention and is passionate about supporting people to help them gain confidence in management of their long-term conditions by providing regular advice on how to administer their medicines safely and how to get maximum benefit. She supports new, innovative and challenging ways of working to maximise the workforce to deliver pharmaceutical commitment in changing roles that can be sustained in person-centred care.

‘Innovation in Community Pharmacy’

Bernadette Brown and her team embarked upon a journey 5 years ago. The vision and dream was to create a centre of health and a hub for the community in addition to their medical Health centre to access healthcare. The environment and feel of the pharmacy has been transformed over that time to looking like a clinic environment and a warm welcome from all the team. The staff have all retrained, especially the pharmacists who now have a career on a clinical pathway. Both of Bernadette’s young pharmacists have achieved Clinical Diplomas with distinction; one will be an Independent Prescriber in September 2018 and another by June 2019. Bernadette says that ‘the public are now thinking differently about where to go first and this has been built up over the years by gaining trust, building relationships and proving to the public that we have got the skills to support them in a new and different way. The public come to us for assessments and will only be offered a triage with a pharmacist or nurse. We also have a portfolio of cases where the pharmaceutical care we offered has supported transformational improvement in quality of life outcomes. We are very proud to be partners in the NHS and all want to practice at the top of our license for the health benefit of the people we serve.’

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