26 Mar 2020

Pharmacy Management Celtic Conference

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Christine Gilmour

Director of Pharmacy, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Christine graduated from Robert Gordon’s University, in Aberdeen in 1984. Originally from a hospital background, her diverse pharmacy career includes hospital and community pharmacy practice, primary care, mental health and prescribing management. She was appointed as Director of Pharmacy for NHS Lanarkshire in 2006. In this role, Christine is responsible for medicines governance, managing drug budgets and the managed entry of new medicines.  She has an interest in access to medicines and medicine procurement and is the co-chair of the NHS Scotland Patient Access Scheme Assessment Group. 

Christine has an MBA, which she undertook as part of her personal development. She has a very adaptive style, providing leadership and support to a range of professionals across disciplines. She has extensive financial and staff governance experience, as well as a strong track record in clinical governance. A particular focus is on staff development as this is viewed as key to underpinning the success of the profession in a constantly changing environment. 

Christine is personally and professionally driven to improve care for patients and is passionate about working to ensure patients are involved in their care. She is driven to make improvements to care and gets the same satisfaction from being a pharmacist at her current level as when she started.

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