26 Mar 2020

Pharmacy Management Celtic Conference

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Dr Glenda Fleming

Deputy Director of the Medicines Optimisation Innovation Centre (MOIC); Training, Service Development and Research Pharmacist, Northern Health & Social Care Trust, Northern Ireland

Glenda studied pharmacy at Queen’s, Belfast and, after completing pre-registration training and registering with the Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland, returned to Queen’s to undertake a PhD.

Following a short period of working as research fellow for the Northern Ireland Centre for Postgraduate Pharmaceutical Education and Training (NICPPET), she moved to Health & Social Care (HSC) R&D Office where she worked as a Programme Manager. In this role she contributed to the implementation of the HSC R&D Strategy, developed policies and procedures governing the conduct of R&D, and provided leadership in the co-ordination of pharmaceutical R&D throughout NI.

Glenda is currently Deputy Director for the Medicines Optimisation Innovation Centre (MOIC), Northern Health & Social Care Trust and the Training, Service Development and Research Pharmacist for the Trust.

During her career she has gained over 16 years experience, on a part-time basis, in community pharmacy and has taught at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. 

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