11 Mar 2021

Pharmacy Management Celtic Conference

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Jayne Agnew

Consultant Pharmacist for Older People, Southern Health and Social Care Trust, Craigavon Area Hospital

Jayne Agnew is one of five Consultant Pharmacist for Older People’s Service in Northern Ireland and is based in the Southern Health & Social Care Trust. The role involves leading a Medicines Optimisation in Older People (MOOP) pharmacy team providing a case-management approach to medicines optimisation in Care Homes, Intermediate Care and Medicines Adherence in patients' own homes. Jayne is a member of the ‘NI Pharmacists working with Older People’ (NIPOP) network and NI Frailty Network. Jayne has an interest in medicines optimisation prior to elective surgery and the development of pharmacist non-medical prescribers in primary and secondary care. Alongside consultant pharmacist colleagues, Jayne provides educational sessions for NI Centre for Pharmacy Learning and Development (NICPLD) and HSC Clinical Education Centre.

Jayne and Paula Crawford are presenting Polypharmacy continues to "Fail the Frail" - are we too weak to tackle the issue?

This session will explore frailty and its impact on the older population. It will outline the role of pharmacy in tackling polypharmacy including progress with an NI frailty pharmacy pilot using a consultant-pharmacist led model to introduce the role of the pharmacy team in frailty in acute care. We will discuss how the pilot was established and outcomes to date – with the key question: ‘Has the pharmacist role made a difference to how frailty is addressed?’. We will use case studies to interact with the audience and demonstrate how the pharmacist can manage medicines optimisation in frailty. We will discuss the way forward for the pharmacist in addressing polypharmacy and frailty by outlining the Frailty Pharmacist pathway in NI.

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