11 Mar 2021

Pharmacy Management Celtic Conference

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Karen Reid

Advanced Clinical Pharmacist, Primary Care NHS Lothian

Karen Reid obtained a BSc in Pharmacy at Queens University Belfast in 1990. She moved to Scotland in 1992, obtained an MSc in Clinical Pharmacy at Strathclyde University in 1996 and qualified as an Independent Prescriber in 2010.  Karen’s entire  pharmacy  career  was in hospital pharmacy until 2015 when she moved into primary care. In her current role she leads a team of pharmacists who  provide pharmacotherapy  support to GPs in the SW of Edinburgh. Karen’s main area of clinical interest is polypharmacy review in the frail elderly. Outside of work she likes to run, swim (essential for her sanity) and loves to read.  Karen is the proud mother of three boys and, as a result, she is busy from ‘son up’ to ‘son down’!

Karen is presenting Multidisciplinary (MDT) polypharmacy reviews of housebound frail older patients in the primary care setting in South West Edinburgh.

Caring for patients with multi-morbidities and polypharmacy is an increasing challenge. Up to 11% of unplanned hospital admissions are attributable to harm from medicines and over 70% of these are due to older patients on multiple medicines. There are significant opportunities to reduce this burden by timely and effective interventions. Managing medications in older patients can be complicated by the physiologic effects of aging and the prevalence of co-morbidities. Polypharmacy reviews can help reduce tablet burden and harm from medicines in older patients. Older housebound patients find it challenging to access services and do not have equity of access to polypharmacy review. This presentation details a new approach to caring for this group of patients which has been introduced. It involved a polypharmacy review of frail older patients by a multidisciplinary team (MDT) to address complex medication regimes, co-morbidities and diverse health needs. Patients targeted were housebound, aged over 75 and with more than 10 medicines on repeat prescription. The MDT included a Consultant Geriatrician, GP, and a primary care pharmacist. The reviews aimed to rationalise prescribing, reduce the risk of harm from medication and minimise waste.

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