11 Mar 2021

Pharmacy Management Celtic Conference

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Professor Catriona Matheson

Professor in Substance Use, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Stirling

Professor Catriona Matheson has a variety of roles including being Professor in Substance Use at the University of Stirling, Chair of the Drug Death Task Force for Scotland, a freelance Research Consultant and Convenor of the Drugs Research Network Scotland (DRNS). Her research interests, spanning 25 years, are in the delivery of care to people who use drugs. Catriona has over 60 publications. Past research includes exploring new services in primary care, exploring health professionals’ and the general public’s opinions about drug treatment approaches. Current interests include innovative community pharmacy services, managing multi-morbidity in people who use drugs and using tele-healthcare to prevent drug related deaths.

Catriona and Carole Hunter are presenting Is drug use in Scotland a death sentence and, if so, how can pharmacy Intervene?

Professor Catriona Matheson will describe trends in drug use and drug related deaths in Scotland. The reasons for Scotland’s alarming increase in drug deaths will be presented including descriptions of at risk groups such as people with co-morbidities, the homeless and people being released from prison.  There will be an overview of what the Drug Death Task Force is doing to address drug deaths. The second half of the presentation, delivered by Dr Carole Hunter, will consider particular interventions that pharmacy is at the forefront of delivering including heroin assisted treatment, naloxone distribution and enhanced care opiate replacement treatment.

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