26 Mar 2019

1st Pharmacy Management Celtic Conference

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Anthony McDavitt

Advanced Clinical Pharmacist & Prescribing Advisor, NHS Shetland, Scotland

Anthony McDavitt has worked with and within NHS Shetland since qualifying as a pharmacist in 2012. He has experience of working within community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy and primary care pharmacy settings. He is currently employed as an Advanced Clinical Pharmacist & Prescribing Advisor in Primary Care for NHS Shetland. Anthony was NHS Shetland’s first Primary Care Clinical Pharmacist, working across the 10 General Practices in NHS Shetland. The service has developed since his appointment, where he now provides clinical patient-facing capacity and leadership for his Clinical Pharmacist and Specialist Technician colleagues who are delivering clinics and services across Shetland in areas such as long-term condition management, supporting social care services, prescribing support and logistical services.

‘Innovating Rural Pharmacy – Similar Needs, Different Approach’

Pharmaceutical care and pharmacotherapy is needed by patients wherever they live. Pharmacists should be equipped to meet these needs and the modern general practice clinical pharmacist needs to evolve to meet those challenges. Using all the skills and each member of the pharmacy team is central to Anthony’s work in Shetland. The skills needed must be built on and developed. Within Shetland, community pharmacists are now involved in meeting pharmaceutical care needs remotely with an increasing use of videolink. This also allows isolated Care Homes and island surgeries to link with clinical pharmacists in both community and primary care settings. Face-to-face assessments will always have a place. In particular, the role of the technician and the unique skills they have is now recognised and in demand, particularly when medicine administration assessment is required. Pharmacy is developing fast in remote areas, and with 40% of community pharmacies having robots there is more time for pharmaceutical care. Anthony’s presentation will describe pharmacy on the edge in a rapidly changing profession.

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