26 Mar 2020

Pharmacy Management Celtic Conference

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Cathy Harrison

Chief Pharmaceutical Officer, Department of Health, Northern Ireland

Cathy is the Chief Pharmaceutical Officer and Head of Medicines and Policy at the Department of Health in Northern Ireland. She is a qualified pharmacist with more than 27 years experience working in pharmacy practice and government and has a particular interest in how policy supports reform and improvements in patient outcomes.

Cathy is currently leading the implementation of a strategy to improve the benefits of medicines titled ‘The Medicines Optimisation Quality Framework (MOQF)’. Implementation of the strategy involves an ‘Innovation and Change Programme’ supported by a dedicated Medicines Optimisation Innovation Centre (MOIC).  The aim is to support system-wide improvement in medicines use through the identification, testing and scaling up of good practice. This involves combining professional skills with redesigned services and new technologies to support better health outcomes for patients and more effective utilisation of health and social care resources. She is currently responsible for a number of pre-commercial procurement projects (Small Business Research Initiatives (SBRI)), which are seeking to develop new technology solutions to improve medicines safety and adherence for self-care and domiciliary care and to optimise workforce deployment. 

Cathy is a co-director of MOIC and, in this role, she is involved with a number of projects translating good practice from Northern Ireland to other EU countries and working with the health service, universities, industry, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and community groups. She has also presented her work on Medicines Optimisation, Innovation and Older People at national and international conferences.

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