26 Mar 2019

1st Pharmacy Management Celtic Conference

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Chris Brown

Consultant Renal Pharmacist, Swansea, Wales

Chris Brown is not known for conforming to conventional norms. Under his watch pharmacy is professionally-integrated. His approach is a discrete service for kidney care - on a large scale. His Renal Medicines Service is multi-professional, egalitarian and organised around people with kidney disease. Here, the team are free to think differently, be digitally innovative, bring about disruptive change, work at the very top of their licence and demonstrate the very best of value-based and prudent healthcare. Chris is passionate about the NHS. He has received many awards and is a Fellow of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. He is the national lead for the Welsh Renal Clinical Network, delivering national policy and innovative treatment strategies across Wales. As a Consultant Pharmacist for the South West Wales Renal Region he is a clinical practitioner, an independent prescriber and authoriser of blood (and component) transfusion. He has research and teaching affiliations with the University of Swansea. Chris is an expert adviser for NICE, a guideline development group member for the NCGC and the UK Renal Association. He is driven by clinical research that enables better patient care and is an investigator and author in trials.

‘Patient support by the renal specialist team’

Be more Penguin - discover the working of the Huddle. Ever thought that life in the NHS can feel like the Serengeti? Life can be tough in the Serengeti, especially if you’re a dung beetle. It’s not a place you would find many Penguins. Penguins demonstrate extraordinary teamwork. They endure bitter Antarctic winds, protecting each other by forming tightly packed huddles. They share the cold equally across the group. By demonstrating extraordinary teamwork, shared responsibility and agility in adapting to their environment, we can all benefit from being a bit more Penguin. Discover the dynamics behind the Huddle and how pharmacy, as part of kidney care Wales, became a value-based collaborative. The key to success is to be less Lion King, and to be more Penguin. Don’t form a Pride, form a Huddle.

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