26 Mar 2019

1st Pharmacy Management Celtic Conference

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Clare Morrison

Senior Clinical Quality Lead, NHS Highland, Scotland

Clare Morrison is currently leading the development of the telehealth service ‘NHS Near Me’, and has a special interest in delivering services in remote and rural areas. Clare is a senior pharmacist with extensive experience of developing pharmacy services and medicines safety initiatives, such as the ‘Medicine Sick Day Rules’ cards. She is a Fellow of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, a Scottish Quality & Safety Fellow, and a graduate of the Intermountain Advanced Training Program in quality improvement. Clare was awarded an MBE for services to healthcare in 2018.

‘Pharmacy Anywhere – using telehealth to deliver pharmaceutical care’

Pharmacy Anywhere started with a problem: NHS Highland has a large remote and rural area, and a need to provide pharmaceutical care for patients of dispensing practices. Recruitment of pharmacists in remote areas is challenging, and asking pharmacists to drive to these locations is a waste of their professional time. So NHS Highland turned to telehealth. Pharmacy Anywhere uses two forms of telehealth to deliver pharmaceutical care: remote access to medical records and remote consulting with patients at home. Patients receive a medication review with a pharmacist who ensures their medicines are safe and effective by providing advice and using prescribing to change medicines where necessary. The result is a service that is not only a solution for rural areas but also a way to provide sustainability to pharmaceutical care services everywhere. It delivers a more responsive service and enables pharmacists to live and work exactly where they want. Most importantly, it’s a service that patients like.

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