26 Mar 2019

1st Pharmacy Management Celtic Conference

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Dr Glenda Fleming

Deputy Director of the Medicines Optimisation Innovation Centre (MOIC); Training, Service Development and Research Pharmacist, Northern Health & Social Care Trust, Northern Ireland

Glenda Fleming studied pharmacy at Queen’s, Belfast and, after completing pre-registration training and registering with the Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland, returned to Queen’s to undertake a PhD. Following a short period of working as research fellow for the Northern Ireland Centre for Postgraduate Pharmaceutical Education and Training (NICPPET), she moved to Health & Social Care (HSC) R&D Office where she worked as a Programme Manager. In this role she contributed to the implementation of the HSC R&D Strategy, developed policies and procedures governing the conduct of R&D, and provided leadership in the co-ordination of pharmaceutical R&D throughout NI. During her career, Glenda has gained over 16 years experience, on a part-time basis, in community pharmacy and has taught at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

‘Development of the Regional Medicines Optimisation Innovation Centre (MOIC)’

This presentation will explore the development of the Medicines Optimisation Innovation Centre (MOIC). This regional centre was established in October 2015, with the purpose of ensuring better health outcomes for the population through the consistent delivery of best practice relating to the use of medicines. Medicines optimisation is becoming increasingly important as the population ages and as the complexity of medication regimens increases. Our aim is to work towards better patient outcomes by initiating, developing and sharing best practice with regards to medicines use. This is achieved using a combination of research, innovation, quality improvement and knowledge transfer. Key initiatives for MOIC include:

  • involvement in research and service development projects to improve patient care
  • knowledge transfer in relation to pharmacy systems developed in NI
  • continued development of integrated technology solutions
  • building a culture of partnership and collaboration for joint working
  • training and development of other Health Care Professionals through welcoming visitors to NI periods lasting up to 5 months.

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