26 Mar 2019

1st Pharmacy Management Celtic Conference

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Hannah Beba

Senior Clinical Pharmacist Diabetes and Endocrinology

Hannah Beba is a Senior Pharmacist for Diabetes and Endocrinology at County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust. Hannah sits on the United Kingdom Clinical Pharmacy Associations Endocrine Committee, the Diabetes Clinical Advisory Group Committee for County Durham and Darlington and Chairs the Medical Pharmacists Group Committee for her NHS trust. Hannah is also a Diabetes UK Clinical Champion. This allows her to take an active role designing and shaping regional and national agendas, aiding guideline development and delivering quality education both locally and nationally.

Hannah retains a predominantly clinical role and is an independent prescriber; she is working towards becoming a consultant pharmacist. Hannah has been independently practicing in clinics for many years, laterally in diabetes/endocrine clinics across both primary and secondary care.

Hannah is interested in delivery of better integrated care for diabetic patients and recent projects have involved delivery of a specialist led diabetic clinic in primary care and an engagement project with community pharmacy.

How Cardiovascular Outcome Trials are Changing Practice in Type 2 Diabetes

This session aims to discuss the available evidence from the CV Outcome trials so far, with a particular focus on the SGLT2i class, and to discuss the evidence we expect on the horizon. The session hopes to provoke thought around formulary decision making, guideline production and prescribing. We will look at the strengths and limitations of the Information we have. Given the potential financial pressures these medications are associated with, there is still much debate around their appropriate use. Can the NHS afford to use these medications? Can we afford not to use them?

This promotional session is organised and funded by Napp Pharmaceuticals Limited, where Napp’s products may be discussed.

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