26 Mar 2019

1st Pharmacy Management Celtic Conference

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Jane Barnes

Pharmacy Manager, Nevill Hall Hospital, Wales

Having worked in hospital pharmacy for a number of years Jane Barnes has a broad range of experience including clinical, aseptic and dispensing services. As department manager for over 15 years she has managed the introduction of automation (department robot and ward vending machines) and the development of patient-centred clinical and medicines management services. Jane is passionate about facilitating staff to work at ‘top of license’ to care for patients at the bedside, explore new innovative ways of working, and embed the pharmacy profession in the multidisciplinary team.

‘Profession-led discharge: the ‘Green Ward’ model’

In order to improve patient flow and individual patient experience a ward at a community hospital was been designated as a ‘complex discharge’ or ‘green ward’. The patients are medically fit but require additional input to ensure a secure discharge and prevent re-admission. The ward is professionally-led by an advanced nurse practitioner, supported by pharmacy and therapy staff providing an enhanced service. The outcome of this multidisciplinary approach has been an improvement in patient flow and re-admission rates within the Health Board as well as a better patient experience. The pharmacy team are an integral part of the model. The use of independent prescribing skills supports inpatient care and discharge. Robust communication links with colleagues in primary and community settings also supports the patient pathway.

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