26 Mar 2019

1st Pharmacy Management Celtic Conference

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Jean Patterson

Specialist Case Management Pharmacist – Adherence and Support, Ulster Hospital, South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust, Northern Ireland

Jean Patterson has worked in South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust for 12 years. She recently started in a new post as one of the Specialist Case Management Pharmacists - Adherence and Support based in each of the five Trusts in Northern Ireland (NI). The established role for a specialist Medicines Adherence Pharmacist evolved from an earlier research project and the NI Medicines Optimisation Quality Framework Document (2016) which identified, as one of the quality standards, the need to help people ‘remain independent and self-manage their medicines where possible but receive support with adherence when needed’. The specialist Medicines Adherence and Support Service has been established as one of the work streams of the Medicines Optimisation for Older People (MOOP) Pharmacy Team in each Trust.


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