26 Mar 2019

1st Pharmacy Management Celtic Conference

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Julie Magee

Lead Pharmacist - Care of Older People, Antrim Area Hospital, Northern Ireland

Julie Magee obtained her Masters in Pharmacy degree at Queen’s University Belfast and became a member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland (NI) in 2006. She started working in Antrim Area Hospital in 2007. She registered as an independent prescriber in 2013 and completed a Masters in Clinical Pharmacy in 2016. She worked on the Care of Older People/Stroke ward for several years and is now the Lead Pharmacist for Older People in the Northern Health and Social Care Trust. She is a member of the steering group of the NI Network of Pharmacists for Older People (NIPOP). She successfully completed the Clinical Leadership in Pharmacy (CLIP) programme which ran from June 2017 until June 2018 across Ireland.

‘Pharmacist-led medication review of older people with an aim to deprescribing within the hospital setting’

Polypharmacy can lead to drug interactions, adverse drug reactions (ADRs), prescribing cascade, decreased quality of life, decreased cognition, higher costs and reduced adherence. Deprescribing is the withdrawal of inappropriate medications to reduce potential harm and the medication burden. Due to the busy nature of ward working, medication review is not always possible as this can be a time-consuming process. Medication review was carried out on high risk patients and data collected between October and December 2017. Changes made were graded using the Eadon scale and potential cost avoidance calculated using the ScHARR model. The average number of medications discontinued per patient was 2.2 ± 1.58.

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