26 Mar 2019

1st Pharmacy Management Celtic Conference

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Kate Macnamara

Practice Pharmacist, Fforestfach Medical Centre, Swansea, Wales

Kate Macnamara graduated from Cardiff University in 2008 and spent her early career in hospital pharmacy, where she completed her Clinical Diploma at the University of Bath. She made the transition to primary care in 2015 and qualified as an Independent Prescriber the following year. Her scope of practice includes hypertension, anticoagulation, pain management and heart failure. Outside of work, she is a keen supporter of the ‘Time to Change Wales’ campaign, raising awareness about mental health conditions. In her spare time, she is kept busy by her two miniature dachshunds.

‘Polypharmacy - Is the Wrong Prescription Ever Right?’

Polypharmacy has been a major focus for the Primary Care Pharmacist for a number of years. Overdue medication reviews, prescription reauthorisations, targets and cost saving initiatives all add to the demand for reduced prescription numbers. But in an environment full of guidelines, ‘do not do’ recommendations and ever-dwindling GP numbers, is what was once a safety-focused exercise leading us to lose sight of the patient in front of us? With an ageing population developing new co-morbidities every day, how do we help those most in need? Can polypharmacy ever be useful? This session will discuss the practical issues around managing complex prescribing in a range of patient groups - from Care Home residents to the young person with multiple repeats.

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