26 Mar 2019

1st Pharmacy Management Celtic Conference

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Paul Forsyth

Clinical Cardiology (Primary Care)/Heart Failure Specialist, West Glasgow Ambulatory Care Hospital, Scotland

Paul Forsyth worked as a Heart Failure Pharmacist from 2004 before becoming Lead Pharmacist for Clinical Cardiology in Primary Care in 2016. He is an Observer to the Board of the British Society for Heart Failure and co-chair of the UK Clinical Pharmacy Association (UKCPA) Heart Failure Group. In a clinical capacity, he has developed pharmacist-led clinics for post-MI patients with left ventricular systolic dysfunction across seven hospitals and adjoining primary care localities in NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde. He is currently also rolling out this service across parts of NHS Scotland. He has previously presented research at European Society of Cardiology, American Heart Association, British Society for Heart Failure and the North American Primary Care Research Group. He is an honorary lecturer at the University of Strathclyde Pharmacy School. Through his UKCPA work, he has also recently published a curriculum for pharmacists specialising in heart failure.

‘Improving population level care in Heart Failure’

Advanced and specialist practice within pharmacy is an evolving discipline. Heart failure is a growing public health burden across the globe but is an area where pharmacists have an evidence base for improving outcomes. This session will discuss the epidemiology of heart failure, the role of the clinical pharmacists and the strategic context. Prescribing outcomes and patient-reported evaluation of pharmacist-led clinics across seven acute hospitals and associated primary care localities in Glasgow will be presented. The newly published UKCPA Heart Failure Group clinical pharmacist competency framework, designed to support such roles, will also be discussed.

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