26 Mar 2019

1st Pharmacy Management Celtic Conference

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Kate Stock

Advanced Clinical Pharmacist Homeless Health, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Kate currently works as part of Glasgow’s Homeless Assertive Outreach Independent prescriber Link team in conjunction with Hunter Street Homeless practice and the Simon Community. This role acts to remove barriers to healthcare for the homeless person by taking healthcare out from the usual clinical settings to a convenient and comfortable setting either on the street or in temporary/emergency accommodation. The team offer patients a comprehensive health check including assessment, treatment, prescribing and referral with the HAIL team providing follow up at the patient’s pace and place.

Areas of particular interest within this role are homelessness & inclusive health, health inequalities, street medicine, non medical prescribing and substance misuse rehabilitation. 

‘Can we help address the healthcare needs of people who are homeless?’

The number of people who are destitute and homeless is increasing and their health continues to worsen. An evidence base together with decency and common sense calls for assertive street outreach by clinicians. Traditionally, this role has been delivered by GPs or nurses but, due to shortages of these professionals, there are fewer clinicians going to where homeless patients live. The availability of Pharmacist Independent Prescribers has created an opportunity for a novel, co-ordinated pathway of care for people who are homeless, which aims to sustain engagement and prevent health crises. This presentation will cover evidence of ‘inclusion healthcare’ needs including prescribing, impact on unscheduled care use, interdependency of housing and health, patient centred interventions to address health including pharmacist-led work in Glasgow over the past 5 years, and plans for a parallel health services research programme. The aim of the presentation is to increase participants’ understanding of the problem of homeless health and raise awareness of collaborative opportunities for a new service development within participants’ localities, across the UK.

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