26 Mar 2019

1st Pharmacy Management Celtic Conference

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Dr Sarah Hiom

Chair of the Pharmacy Research Wales Steering Group, All Wales Specialist Pharmacist R&D, St Mary’s Pharmaceutical Unit, Cardiff, Wales

Sarah Hiom is All Wales Specialist Pharmacist - R&D, based at Cardiff and Vale University Health Board. She is responsible for leading and facilitating NHS pharmacy practice research on behalf of the NHS Wales Chief Pharmacists’ Group. She has worked in NHS clinical and pharmacy production environments as well as academia. Sarah led the development of ‘Pharmacy Research Wales: 5 Year Strategic Plan (2015-2020)’ and currently chairs the Research Strategy Implementation Group (RSIG). Having obtained a PhD in pharmaceutical microbiology, she has a current research interest in the use of Rapid Micro Methods to improve the Quality Assurance of NHS pharmacy manufactured products.

‘Pharmacy Research Wales: A 5 year strategy (2015-2020)’

In 2014, a multi-sector research engagement event agreed that an All Wales Pharmacy research strategy was required. A true collaboration across the different sectors of pharmacy led to our 5 year strategy being officially launched in 2015. Our mission statement was to ‘develop a lasting culture within the pharmacy profession creating a step change improvement in the quality and quantity of research, benefiting the health of the people of Wales and beyond’. This presentation will describe our journey through the development and implementation of a strategic approach to building research capacity and capability within the workforce.

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