26 Mar 2019

1st Pharmacy Management Celtic Conference

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Tim Banner

Principal Pharmacist - Head of Patient Services, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, Wales

Timothy Banner started as the All Wales Consultant Pharmacist for Community Healthcare in 2014. His main areas of responsibility included providing leadership on issues relating to the practice of continuing care pharmacy services across Wales and responsibility for leading future development and co-ordination of NHS managed continuing care pharmacy services in line with the Welsh Government. Tim has chaired a Royal Pharmaceutical Society Wales steering group to develop the guidance ‘Improving Medicines Use for Care Home Residents’ with support from the Older People’s Commissioner for Wales. Tim also has responsibility to develop links with academic organisations and increase pharmacy-related research and publications in community healthcare. Tim has recently taken on the role of Head of Patient Services for Cardiff and Vale University Health Board but still retains an interest in community healthcare.

‘Care Home medicines: Community Pharmacy Enhanced Service – the first year’

Care Home medicines management has been a challenge for both health and the Care Home Inspectorate to promote and ensure consistency of standards for medication, in line with NICE guidance published in 2014. In Wales, Care Home medicines management had been highlighted as an area for pharmacists to increase support to both the homes and individual residents. An opportunity was sought at a national level to develop a service for community pharmacies to provide support to Care Homes in a consistent manner by utilising all members of the pharmacy team. This service also aims to identify high risk medication and promote multidisciplinary medication review, with data and activity recorded on a national database.

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