Never gonna give you up

The end of the football season leads to that curious ritual, the publication of the retained list. Basically, each player who has a contract expiring is either offered a new one, or he isn’t.

It seems strange that a club could pay millions for a player and then watch him walk away, but those are the rules.

It’s what my wife would call “de-cluttering”.

De-cluttering is no bad thing in any walk of life (says one of the UK’s leading hoarders, but I agree with the principle).

  • So how should pharmacy de-clutter?
  • What are we doing now that we shouldn’t be doing?
  • What data are we storing that actually don’t get looked at or acted upon?

It’s undoubtedly the case that we can’t go on doing more and more, because time is not elastic. Well, it is according to Einstein, but not at the speeds most of us walk around at.

So what has to go?

If pharmacy has a fault, it is perhaps that we don’t decommission. We don’t stop doing things. We don’t clear the dead wood away often enough.

At the Pharmacy Management National Forum on 18th November we’ll hear plenty to enthuse and excite us – but what are we going to do now to make room for the new?

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