11 Mar 2021

Pharmacy Management Celtic Conference

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Celtic Conference



The situation regarding Covid-19 has changed rapidly. Up until recently, the Government’s approach to Covid-19 was to maintain the ‘Contain’ phase with no restrictions on conferences.

The situation has, however, changed rapidly and the UK Government has set out its plans for moving to the ’Delay’ phase. This will include arrangements for ‘social distancing’, some of which is already happening since NHS Trusts are increasingly placing restrictions on conference attendance and pharmaceutical companies are restricting the direct engagement of their staff with NHS customers. The WHO has designated the situation to be a pandemic and called for governments to take even more restrictive actions.

It seems likely that  by the time of these two conferences the virus will be more widespread and that restrictions will be in place. Accordingly,  the Celtic Conference planned to take place in Cardiff on 26th March will be postponed until 11th March 2021.

Further details will be notified as matters become clearer.    


This meeting is supported by the United Kingdom Clinical Pharmacy Association.

The Celtic Conference was launched to allow the rich creative talent of pharmacists in improving patient care to be shared across borders and seas. This annual event will visit each of the Celtic Nations on a three year cycle.

Guided by a very Senior Group of Pharmacists the contributions to the agenda of this unique event are equal in number from all of the countries and are designed to be at the leading edge of care delivery by pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. There is currently no other opportunity available for pharmacy in the Celtic countries to share best practice, whether it be amongst hospitals, primary care, community pharmacy or pharmacy technicians.

Supported at the highest level by each country’s Chief Pharmaceutical Officer the conference will undoubtedly receive significant media coverage in the professional and technical press.


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News Updates

7 December 2018

An article from Pharmacy in Practice (https://pharmacyinpractice.scot/2018/11/29/the-first-celtic-conference-of-devolved-nations-pharmacy/)

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