Advisory Boards

It is important that the NHS and the pharmaceutical industry work together. One means of doing so is the advisory board. The propriety of some of these has come into question, so we have crafted a conduct statement that describes the steps we take to ensure that ours are run to the highest standards. You can read it here.

Carter Review

The review by Lord Carter of Coles has now been published. You can read the original report here and we have prepared a commentary on it which you can access below.

PM Consultancy's commentary on the Carter Review

Pharmacy Management convened a National Carter Review Panel to consider some market research findings and to identify how best practice and innovation can be most effectively shared. The panel devised its agenda and identified the key workstreams which will be taken forward into further Pharmacy Management activity. Our aim is to offer a comprehensive programme of support to hospital pharmacy and the NHS in implementing the findings of Lord Carter's review. 

Further details will appear here in due course.


Whether you are NHS, a private provider, or a pharmaceutical company, our experienced people can help you with many of your aims.

PM Consultancy provides tailored services to suit your needs. Among the projects we have completed are:

  • Skills training for a CCG
  • Feedback on new staff performance for pharmaceutical companies
  • Environmental awareness presentations for senior management
  • Poster preparation for conferences

Please contact us for a preliminary discussion.

PM facilitates meetings where we contribute to planning for Pharma but also leaves us with tools that help us to be more effective. I find I can record these sessions as CPD.

What I find useful with ad boards is the networking and potentially sharing the work. Most people have similar problems and Pharmacy Management can help me in the future, by simply continuing to have these meetings.
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