Biosimilars - how will pharmacy manage the challenge?

"Our staff got such a lot out of your last event and showcasing their work. The whole thing was a feel good vibe for everyone."
Julia Simms, Head of Medicines Management, North West Commissioning Support Unit
Event Name Biosimilars - how will pharmacy manage the challenge?
Location De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms, London
Start Date 9:30am 01/11/2017
Finish Date 4:30pm 01/11/2017
Booking Closes 6:00pm 31/10/2017
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Event Description

A study day presented in partnership with UKCPA, the British Oncology Pharmacy Association (BOPA) and Rheumatology Pharmacists UK.

A practical day to deal with best practice in use and procurement.


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Biologic switching

Speakers: Caron Underhill (Biologics Pharmacist, University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust) Rebecca Heaton (Rheumatology Specialist Pharmacist, Stockport NHS Foundation Trust)

This session contains two talks on the management of biologic switching.

First, Caron Underhill will speak on "Switching a SC self-administered biologic administere...

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Biosimilars in Gastroenterology

Speakers: Uchu Meade (Gastroenterology Pharmacist & Pharmacy Manager, St Mark’s Hospital) SueWen Leo (Antimicrobial and High Cost Drugs Management Pharmacist, United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust)

Two talks on biosimilars in gastroenterology. After Uchu Meade's talk, SueWen Leo will speak on "Biosimilars in gastroenterology - experience in practice".

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Managing Biosimilars

Speakers: Malcolm Qualie (Pharmacy Lead, Specialised Commissioning, NHS England) Professor Michael Scott (Medicines Optimisation and Innovation Centre of Northern Ireland)

This pair of talks addresses the management issues around introducing biosimilars with two very experienced and well-known speakers. First, Malcolm Qualie will give "The Na...

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Evidence for biosimilar use in rheumatology clinical practice

Speakers: Hilary McKee (Consultant Pharmacist, Antrim, Northern Ireland)

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Practical issues in Implementation

Speakers: Steve Williamson (Consultant Cancer Pharmacist, Northumbria Healthcare / NHS England)

Steve Williamson brings an oncology specialist perspective to the issue of introduction of biosimilars.

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An Industry perspective of Biosimilars. Where will the market be going?

Speakers: Harriet Lewis (NHS Engagement Partner (North) and Medicines Optimisation Lead, ABPI)

Harriet Lewis looks at the future prospects for biosimilars and their use as ABPI sees them.

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Practical aspects of biosimilars

Speakers: Rebecca Chanda (Co-chair of the UKCPA Haemostasis, Anticoagulation and Thrombosis Group) Kashyap Thakrar (Lead Formulary & Medicines Management Pharmacist, UCLH)

Another pair of addresses, beginning with Rebecca Chanda speaking on Cardiovascular Biosimilars, followed by "Key steps in the implementation of a biosimilar in the NHS&q...

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Learning and planning

Speakers: Tim McCarthy (Drug Resource Manager & Clinical Commissioning Pharmacist, NHS England and The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust) Busola Skuse (Chief Pharmacist, Medway NHS FT)

In this session Tim McCarthy will share "Learnings from Cancer Vanguard re biosimilar education" followed by Busola Skuse speaking on "How we plan for biosim...

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Managing biosimilars to best effect

Speakers: Warwick Smith (Director-General, British Biosimilars Association) Katherine Pilling (Deputy Head of Prescribing, East Leicestershire and Rutland CCG)

This session contains two talks on managing biosimilars to best effect.

First, Warwick Smith will present "The journey to acceptance and beyond - industry view on t...

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