ABC of heart failure

The UKCPA/JOMO study day has become the main event in the respiratory pharmacy calendar. Despite the challenges this year this speakers and sessions were excellent.
NHS attendee at the UKCPA/JOMO respiratory study day
Satellite ABC of heart failure
Speakers Nazish Khan (Clinical Pharmacist - Heart Failure Services, The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust) and Fionnuala Stalker (Lead Pharmacist Cardiac Services, University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust)
Satellite Description

Heart failure is a growing epidemic and its prevalence is likely to increase further due to improved survival following a myocardial infarction and as a result of an increasingly aging population.  The mortality associated with HF is analogous to that of many cancers; in addition, HF is accompanied by a significant socioeconomic burden and direct health care related costs due to its impact on an individual’s quality of life and propensity towards high rates of hospitalisations, being the single most common cause of hospital admissions in the UK.

Timely diagnosis and optimal pharmacological management are necessary to reduce morbidity and mortality associated with the condition.  As pharmacists we are ideally placed to facilitate the application of evidence based medicine and guideline recommendations to ensure that patients with HF receive the best care possible to help improve their outcomes.

This interactive session is aimed at those who work in all sectors of pharmacy and may come across patients with a diagnosis of HF.  The session will provide insight into the pathophysiology and aetiology of HF, in addition to describing the pharmacological management options available and their place in therapy.

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