Insights into the interventional cath lab - from consultant cardiologist point of view

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Satellite Insights into the interventional cath lab - from consultant cardiologist point of view
Speakers Dr Dan Jones (Clinical Senior Lecturer of Clinical Trials in Cardiovascular Intervention and Honorary Consultant in Interventional Cardiology (Barts Heart Centre)
Satellite Description

Figures suggest that there are 65,000 PCIs undertaken each year in the UK due to acute coronary syndrome.  This session aims to review the role of oral antiplatelets for ACS patients with a novel way to tailor therapy based on ischaemic and bleeding risk.  Dr Dan Jones will give a clinician's perspective on the evolution of stents (and thrombogenicity) and give the participant a behind the scenes perspective in the cath lab to talk through additional factors that may alter a patient's dual antiplatelet therapy.

This session will give participants knowledge and insights into pharmacology and the interventional cath lab. The lecture will steer you through from A to Z of contemporary interventional practice to provide confidence in the approach and management of patients from a pharmacology perspective. Latest updates from recent trials such as ISAR-REACT-5 and ENTRUST-AF-PCI will be covered. ​


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