Advanced practice embedded in National Service Standard: The IBD UK Standards 2019 Model.

The UKCPA/JOMO study day has become the main event in the respiratory pharmacy calendar. Despite the challenges this year this speakers and sessions were excellent.
NHS attendee at the UKCPA/JOMO respiratory study day
Satellite Advanced practice embedded in National Service Standard: The IBD UK Standards 2019 Model.
Speakers Anja St. Clair Jones (Consultant Pharmacist Gastroenterology, Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust)
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Pharmacy specialisation is developing rapidly and needs to be recognised at a national level. National service standards have to integrate specialist pharmacy practice (SPS) to ensure high quality patient care informing health policy makers when formulating national healthcare strategies.

A multidisciplinary alliance of healthcare professionals and patients updated IBD standards. IBD units with developed SPS were surveyed to identified quantity and quality of advanced practice. An e-Delphi consensus process was undertaken to refine a set of evidence, and expert opinion-based, recommendations for optimal service delivery across the patient journey. Of 57 agreed standards 4 (7%) describe SPS with 100% agreement, 0.6WTE of MDT SPS per 250,000 population was defined and high quality practice described based on the Royal Pharmaceutical Society Framework for Advanced Practice. SPS can make valuable contributions to patient care and needs to be embedded in all healthcare standards of chronic diseases. UK IBD Standards 2019 for the first time embed and describe SPS as an integral part of the IBD MDT managing IBD patients.

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