Diabetes Care - An Opportunity for Pharmacy Services

“The quality of what Pharmacy Management is putting on is simply streets ahead of anything else I’m seeing at the moment. Keep up the good work!”
Noel Wicks, Managing Director, Right Medicine Pharmacy Ltd, Stirling
Satellite Diabetes Care - An Opportunity for Pharmacy Services
Speakers Hannah Beba (Senior Pharmacist, Diabetes and Endocrinology, Darlington Memorial Hospital)
Satellite Description

This session has been fully funded and organised by Novo Nordisk Ltd.

Symposium synopsis: The worldwide scale of the diabetes challenge is well known. With prevalence numbers and diabetes- related complication costs increasing, comes the opportunity for pharmacists to work with other healthcare professionals in improving diabetes services and patient care. This session aims to explore the gaps where pharmacists can make a real difference and share examples of pharmacy led projects.


Date of preparation July 2019


Sponsored By Novo Nordisk Ltd

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