The role of pharmacy in reducing falls in older people

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Noel Wicks, Managing Director, Right Medicine Pharmacy Ltd, Stirling
Satellite The role of pharmacy in reducing falls in older people
Speakers Derek Taylor (Assistant Director of Pharmacy – Governance & Risk, Royal Liverpool University Hospital, Liverpool)
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One third of those over 65 years and half of those over 80 years of age will fall at least once a year. Falls have a significant impact on an individual’s quality of life and general health as well costing the NHS at least £2.5 billion per year. This session will focus on risk factors for falls, ways to identify those patients at higher risk of falls, current national falls guidelines and the need for multifactorial assessments. It will also highlight those medicines that can contribute to an increased risk of falls and how Pharmacy can contribute to reducing this risk of falls by a detailed medication review in order to reduce the risk of further falls as well as optimising treatment for osteoporosis. This input can occur in a variety of healthcare settings as part of a multidisciplinary review service.

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