Training pharmacists to deliver the NHS 10 Year Plan

The UKCPA/JOMO study day has become the main event in the respiratory pharmacy calendar. Despite the challenges this year this speakers and sessions were excellent.
NHS attendee at the UKCPA/JOMO respiratory study day
Satellite Training pharmacists to deliver the NHS 10 Year Plan
Speakers Ian Bates (Professor of Pharmacy Education, UCL and Director, FIP Education Development) and Ann Page (Workforce Development Lead Clinician, Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust and immediate past Chair of UKCPA)
Satellite Description

Ian Bates:

Training pharmacists to deliver the NHS Long term Plan: A strategic view

The global strategy directions for health workforce education and training are increasingly clear. The global influencers such as WHO, ILO, FIP have a clear policy of mapping primary healthcare (PHC) challenges with workforce development. How we translate this to national and domestic levels needs more focus and transparency. Nationally, we are running the - avoidable - risk of 'training for jobs' rather than training for a flexible pharmaceutical workforce. There needs to be a greater focus on advanced generalism for providing PHC medicines expertise. Have we lost sight of our core competencies?

Ann Page:

The NHS 10 year plan provides unprecedented opportunities for pharmacists to deliver innovative clinical care to patients in new settings. In order to deliver the workforce to deliver the care, the development of pharmacists both new and - ahem- slightly more experienced - will have to change. Come to this session to hear how, in a large city with 19 Primary Care Networks (PCNs), a large acute teaching Trust, a GP confederation provider, a Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), a mental health Trust, a community healthcare Trust and hundreds of community pharmacists, we’re working together to get there.

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