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Speakers Richard Goodwin, Principal Pharmacist Education and Training, Great Ormond Street Hospital Richard has a wealth of experience in supporting medicines optimisation and paediatric care across both primary and specialist care settings. He is passionate about children’s care, supporting children and clinicians to ensure that the child’s voice is central to care. Throughout his career he has specialised in atopic and respiratory conditions supporting patients and their families from diagnosis through to chronic disease management. Richard previously worked within a blended physical and mental healthcare team to drive improvements in eczema and asthma care within London focusing on a holistic approach to drive improvements across the health and social care system for his patients.
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This session is aimed to provide a broad and hands on approach to identifying and managing common causes of paediatric wheeze within primary and secondary care. We would welcome a range of pharmacists to attend to learn and share their experience in this interactive session including community, GP and hospital pharmacists:

  • Explore the common causes of wheeze in children
  • Consider which wheeze is which disease
  • Explore the evidence base for treating croup, viral induced wheeze, asthma
  • Supporting a holistic view linking mental and physical health when treating paediatric wheeze

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