Pharmacists and medication adherence in asthma

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Satellite Pharmacists and medication adherence in asthma
Speakers Lynn Elsey, Lead Respiratory / Severe Asthma Pharmacist, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust / North West Severe Asthma Network Lynn has work as a respiratory pharmacist for 10 years, firstly in paediatrics and now in adult severe asthma. She works within the North West Severe Asthma Network, the first and largest network for severe asthma. Within this role she co-ordinates the approval of biologic therapies across the network and assesses new patients referred to the network hub at Wythenshawe hospital, Manchester. An essential part of her role involves assessing patient’s adherence to inhaled therapies to ensure optimal asthma control. She is a pharmacist committee member of the Severe Asthma Nurses Network and has recently been involved in developing an education programme on asthma with the Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education.
Satellite Description

Poor adherence to drug therapies is often seen in asthma patients and this might be associated with an increased risk of exacerbations or incorrect diagnosis of severity of asthma.  This session will focus on the importance of assessing adherence in asthma patient and the essential role that pharmacist from all sectors have in doing this .

Key points

  • Why is adherence important in asthma?
  • How can adherence be properly assessed?
  • Why are patient intentionally and unintentionally non-adherent?
  • What tools are available to improve adherence? 
  • What role does the pharmacist have in assessing adherence?

Foundation Level. 

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