Supporting patients with nicotine dependency: are e-cigarettes helpful?

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Satellite Supporting patients with nicotine dependency: are e-cigarettes helpful?
Speakers Darush Attar-Zadeh, Respiratory Lead Pharmacist RightBreathe & Barnet CCG A Pharmacist, Behaviour Change Specialist and National Public Health Trainer, Darush has specialised in the field of smoking cessation for over twenty years. Darush has presented at various national & international conferences (including the PCRS-UK, IPCRG, Clinical Pharmacy Congress, HPE Live, JoMo/UKCPA) and was asked to help review the National Training Standards for Smoking Cessation. Darush was part of the London Clinical Senate Helping Smokers Quit programme. In his role as respiratory lead pharmacist (Barnet CCG and, Darush managed to lead a medicines management service to winning the pharmacist award in respiratory services 2016, and was highly commended at the HSJ awards 2017. Darush has published more than 15 clinical papers including information on respiratory inhaler devices, smoking cessation treatments in peer-reviewed journals. The poster Darush and colleagues (Local Pharmacy Forum in North West London) presented at PCRS 2017 was recognised and achieved a best practice poster award.
Satellite Description

The aim of this session is to have a clearer understanding of the role of e-cigarettes in supporting patients with nicotine dependency and the reasons for switching from tobacco as well as the cautions/precautions. Participants will have a clear understanding of their own role in supporting the management of tobacco dependency at different levels and different options for how patients can be supported. Delegates will understand the different components of an e-cigarette with an example of how it has benefitted a patient go smokefree.

The session will focus around the ‘Five myths ‘of e-cigarettes

* What are e-cigarettes and what are they not? This is an opportunity to discuss the facts and bust the myths

* Are they safe?

* Provide the spectrum of options to treat tobacco dependency from 90min behavioural support plus varenicline through to cold turkey or no action

* The use of E-cigarettes as a form of self-care – patient should be congratulated if switched

This will be aimed at participants new and experienced in this field.

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