The Current Management of Tuberculosis and non-tuberculous Mycobacteria

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Satellite The Current Management of Tuberculosis and non-tuberculous Mycobacteria
Speakers Dr Toby Capstick BSc MRPharmS DipClinPharm DPharm, Lead Respiratory Pharmacist, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust Toby Capstick is the Lead Respiratory Pharmacist at the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. He is a Chair of the UKCPA Respiratory Group, and is a member of the UK Inhaler Group and the British Thoracic Society Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis Clinical Advice Service. He has published widely amongst his areas of interest including the management of tuberculosis, difficult asthma, COPD and inhaler technique.
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Tuberculosis is a significant global problem and still accounts for millions of deaths every year. Adequate and effective treatment is essential, both clinically for patients and also to control TB.

Although there has been a decline in TB cases in the UK in recent years, there continues to be a significant burden of disease with 5,664 cases in England in 2016, of which 68 were multidrug resistant.

In contrast, the incidence and prevalence of non-tuberculous mycobacteria (NTM) causing inflammatory lung disease are increasing. The antibiotics regimens required for treating infections caused by different NTM species are complex and require varying antibiotic combinations that may not be familiar to non-specialists.

This session will provide an update the current treatment of tuberculosis and NTM in 2017, management of drug interactions and common side effects, and provide an overview of new drugs and the management of multidrug resistant TB.

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