JoMO-UKCPA Care of the Elderly Workshop

“The quality of what Pharmacy Management is putting on is simply streets ahead of anything else I’m seeing at the moment. Keep up the good work!”
Noel Wicks, Managing Director, Right Medicine Pharmacy Ltd, Stirling
Event Name JoMO-UKCPA Care of the Elderly Workshop
Location De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms, London
Start Date 9:45am 18/06/2019
Finish Date 4:00pm 18/06/2019
Booking Closes 5:00pm 14/06/2019
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Our first national conference dedicated specifically to care of the elderly.

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Medicines optimisation in multimorbidity, polypharmacy and frailty

Speakers: Professor Nina Barnett, Consultant Pharmacist, Care of Older People, London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust & NHS Specialist Pharmacy Service

What is multimorbidity, frailty, polypharmacy?

How do they impact on medicines for older people?

What tools can be used to identify people at risk?

What ...

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Walk in my Shoes

Speakers: Eileen White, Head of Medicines Management, NHS Lewisham Clinical Commissioning Group, with Dr Simon Parton, Sanjay Patel and Cleo Butterworth.

Walk in my Shoes was an Inter-Professional Exchange programme that took place across Lewisham CCG in 2015 and involved staff from GP practices who visited local pharmacies and ...

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Explaining, detecting and managing adherence problems in clinical practice

Speakers: Professor John Weinman, Professor of Psychology as applied to Medicines, KCL School of Cancer & Pharmaceutical Sciences

Synopsis to follow

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Supporting Medicines Optimisation Across Interfaces of Care

Speakers: Kath Howes, Lead Pharmacist, CHS / Lewisham Integrated Medicines Optimisation Service and John Brown, Senior Pharmacist for Frailty and Elderly Care, Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust

Synopsis to follow

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Management Skills – Resilience is your superpower

Speakers: Jo Cowlin, Director and Founder @Jo Cowlin

Resilient people demonstrate great flexibility, high energy, mental agility and consistently perform at their highest level. They are able to foster strong relationships and sup...

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Polypharmacy and Deprescribing

Speakers: Helen Whiteside, Senior Clinical Pharmacist in General Practice NHSE CPGP Programme, Five Towns GP Federation, Wakefield

“This worksession will provide an overview of the impact of medicines burden and current polypharmacy management guidelines”, says Helen Whiteside. “Participan...

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Medicines Review to Prevent Falls and Fracture

Speakers: Heather Smith, Consultant Pharmacist, Older People / Interfaces of Care, Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust

This session will cover:

  • Why older people are at higher risk of falls and fractures than the general population
  • Which medicines have the potential to ca...

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Putting patients at the centre of decision making

Speakers: Lelly Oboh, Consultant Pharmacist, Care of older people, Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust

The presentation will explore what it means to put patients at the heart of decision-making during pharmacy consultations and interventions. It will draw from current best pract...

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Cardiology Management in Frail Older People

Speakers: Alison Warren, Consultant Pharmacist Cardiology, Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust and Brighton and Hove CCG

In an ageing population cardiac conditions commonly occur alongside other chronic diseases and decisions around appropriate polypharmacy become more complex. In fraility the ris...

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Pharmacy Involvement in Multidisciplinary Frailty Teams

Speakers: Kate Emblin, Community Services Pharmacist, Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust

Frailty is a long term condition.  Older people living with frailty are at risk of adverse outcomes, such as dramatic changes in their physical and mental wellbeing, after ...

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Preventing Falls in Elderly Housebound patients – Role of the GP Clinical Pharmacist

Speakers: Senthan Kathirgamanathan, Pharmacist Prescriber

This presentation will discuss the Aging Brain study and the importance of Anticholinergic Burden (ACB) and which medications effect the ACB score. It will look at the Medicines...

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Managing Parkinson’s Disease

Speakers: Dr Janine Barnes MBE, Neurology Specialist Pharmacist, The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust

The presentation will cover the updated NICE guidance (2017) for Parkinson’s disease in adults (NG71) discussing pharmacological and non-pharmacological management of moto...

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Managing Mental Health in Primary Care

Speakers: Anthony Young, Lead Pharmacist – Research and Workforce Development, Clinical Lead – ePMA and Honorary Lecturer – Sunderland University, School of Pharmacy & Ewan Maule, Pharmacy Department, Northumberland, Tyne & Wear NHS Foundation Trust

This workshop will focus on how we take forward the recently published NHS Long Term Plan (January 2019) to improve the care of older patients with a mental health disorders in ...

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What links frailty, dysphagia and dementia and how can pharmacy improve patient care?

Speakers: Alison Smith, Prescribing Support Consultant Dietitian, Herts Valleys CCG

The current primary care focus on frailty is of great importance but we often forget that nutritional status has a strong link with risk of frailty and its consequences. Malnutr...

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Supporting patients after a stroke

Speakers: Derek Taylor, Assistant Director of Pharmacy – Governance & Risk, Royal Liverpool & Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust

A stroke can lead to a person experiencing significant physical, emotional and cognitive impairment. There is also a significant risk of further strokes. The talk will highlight...

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Symptom Management in Palliative and End of Life Care

Speakers: Gwen Klepping, Consultant Pharmacist in Palliative & EoLC, Sobell House Hospice, Churchill Hospital, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Synopsis to follow

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Optimising Medicines Use in Care Homes

Speakers: Cherise Gyimah, Care Homes Pharmacist (Croydon CCG), Medicines Project Lead (Guy's and St Thomas' Adult Local Services)

Medicines Optimisation in care homes by pharmacy teams has been shown to improve person-centred care and quality, reduce risk of harm from medicines and release healthcare resou...

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Management Skills - A Communication Prescription

Speakers: Hilary Shields JP, Director, Ascensys Management and Training Consultancy

Synopsis to follow

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