Cardiology Management in Frail Older People

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Satellite Cardiology Management in Frail Older People
Speakers Alison Warren, Consultant Pharmacist Cardiology, Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust and Brighton and Hove CCG
Satellite Description

In an ageing population cardiac conditions commonly occur alongside other chronic diseases and decisions around appropriate polypharmacy become more complex. In fraility the risk benefit balance needs to be reassessed at individual patient level to ensure that medicines are optimised. In this session we will look at common cardiac conditions and consider how fraility needs to be taken into account in prescribing decisions.

Alison has worked in cardiology for over 20 years leading the pharmacy team managing cardiac patients in Brighton. She is a non-medical prescriber and runs a medication optimisation clinic primarily for high risk post -ACS patients and heart failure patients. She also works in primary care leading on medicines optimisation work within the cardiovascular field across the wider local health economy. 

Alison has published on topics in clinical pharmacy and cardiology and has a wide educational role in her post.  She is currently working with NICE on the hypertension guideline update, is a member of the UKCPA cardiac committee, is co-chair of the UK Heart Failure Pharmacists group and was an educational facilitator for the NHS England pilot for pharmacists in GP practices

Alison has a postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Pharmacy, an MSc in Clinical Cardiology and is a Faculty Fellow of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.

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