Explaining, detecting and managing adherence problems in clinical practice

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Satellite Explaining, detecting and managing adherence problems in clinical practice
Speakers Professor John Weinman, Professor of Psychology as applied to Medicines, Institute of Pharmaceutical Science & Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience, King's College London
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John Weinman is Professor of Psychology as applied to Medicines at the Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, King’s College London. In his research he has investigated the influence of psychological processes on health, illness and health care delivery. The main focus of this has been on the ways in which patients’ beliefs about their illness and treatment affect self-management across a wide range of major physical health problems. This work has also resulted in the development of a number of widely used measures and interventions, which have been shown to be effective in improving adherence to treatment, recovery and quality of life.

This talk will begin with an overview of the nature, scope and effects of medication non-adherence in healthcare. This will be followed by an examination of the various factors, which give rise to non-adherence in older adults, and the implications of these for developing effective adherence support.

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