Walk in my Shoes

The UKCPA/JOMO study day has become the main event in the respiratory pharmacy calendar. Despite the challenges this year this speakers and sessions were excellent.
NHS attendee at the UKCPA/JOMO respiratory study day
Satellite Walk in my Shoes
Speakers Eileen White, Head of Medicines Management, NHS Lewisham Clinical Commissioning Group, with Dr Simon Parton, Sanjay Patel and Cleo Butterworth.
Satellite Description

Walk in my Shoes was an Inter-Professional Exchange programme that took place across Lewisham CCG in 2015 and involved staff from GP practices who visited local pharmacies and community pharmacy staff spent time in the local GP surgery.

All participants were asked to complete reflection forms which were analysed to identify and share best practice in joint working and propose action for the CCG to enhance effective working relationships between practice and pharmacy staff and so improve the overall ability of health care professionals to support patients in the medicines optimisation agenda. Ten months after the exchange, implementation forms were completed by participating GP practices and pharmacies to determine the effects, if any, of the IPE on joint working and medicines management initiatives.


Eileen White

Has been Head of Medicines Management at Lewisham CCG for over 4 years having worked in primary care in the Borough for 15 years previously. I am involved in a number of programmes including the Integrating Pharmacy and Medicines Optimisation pilot in South East London.


Cleo Butterworth

Cleo is currently the Associate Clinical Director for Patient Safety at the Health Innovation Network (AHSN, South London). Her ambition is to promote collaborative and partnership working across traditional boundaries, that enables transformational and sustainable change. With a background in pharmacy she is passionate about the medicines optimisation agenda and its potential to deliver truly patient-centred, safe and effective coordinated care.


Dr Simon Parton

I initially trained in hospital specialising in infectious diseases before retraining in primary care medicine 18 years ago. I have been a partner at South Lewisham Group Practice for 14 years and chair of the local LMC for 6 years. More recently we merged with 2 other practices and with the national Modality partnership. Our division looks after 38,000 patients across 3 sites and I am the medical director for the division. I also sit on the CCG board, the Health and Wellbeing board and the local Lewisham health care partners board. 


Sanjay Patel

Is a community pharmacist and partner in an independent pharmacy group and has worked in Lewisham for about 14 years.

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