Focusing on professionalism, taking responsibility, role modelling and leadership

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Satellite Focusing on professionalism, taking responsibility, role modelling and leadership
Speakers The National Pharmacy Technician Group, Scotland a) Annmarie Crowe, Operational Services Manager, University Hospital Crosshouse b) Linda Henderson, Prescribing Support Technician, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde c) Arlene Turnbull, Programme Officer, NHS Education for Scotland d) Hazel Jamieson, IM&T Facilitator, Community Pharmacy, NHS Lothian
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NPTGS is the professional leadership group for Scottish Pharmacy Technicians. In this interactive workshop we will be discussing ethical dilemmas focusing on professionalism, taking responsibility, role modelling and leadership. How do we promote professionalism and develop leadership within a diverse workforce in all pharmacy sectors?  What can we learn from each other’s experience?  Finally, how do we encourage role modelling within the professions?


Annmarie Crowe, Pharmacy Operational Services Manager, NHS A&A

Annmarie has had a varied career in pharmacy spanning almost 35 years. During that time she has worked primarily in the Acute Sector, but also in Community Pharmacy and Mental Health. Annmarie moved from her Chief Pharmacy Technician role in NHS GG&C, on to a Sector Chief Technician role in both the West and Clyde sectors in NHS GG&C before moving to NHS A&A in 2015 as Chief Technician.

She is currently Pharmacy Operational Services Manager in NHS A&A- the first time this post has been taken up by a technician in NHS A&A. Annmarie is proud to be a member of both the National Pharmacy Technician Scotland (NPTGS) and the Association of Pharmacy Technicians (APTUK). She champions the role of the Pharmacy Technician and is keen to promote professionalism and leadership in her profession.



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