The 5 Senses of Pharmacy - delivering effective therapeutic relationships

The UKCPA/JOMO study day has become the main event in the respiratory pharmacy calendar. Despite the challenges this year this speakers and sessions were excellent.
NHS attendee at the UKCPA/JOMO respiratory study day
Satellite The 5 Senses of Pharmacy - delivering effective therapeutic relationships
Speakers Jill Cruickshank, Coaching and Development Consultant, Certified NLP Master Practitioner, Leading2Solutions
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After trialling this Emotional Development programme with early years pharmacists and conducting a research project with participants ( including Director level, Pharmacy Technician, Primary, Secondary and Community pharmacists) across a range of Health Boards there is great news to share. 

So would you like to:

  • Find out which 6 simple questions increased motivation levels
  • Hear how a simple Emotional development model increased confidence levels
  • Understand how reframing “Fears” increased flexibility of thinking 

If your answer is YES to any of these 3 statements then sign up to this interactive session to support your and others Emotional Development in your professional roles.

Jill has been running her own Coaching and Development Consultancy Leading2Solutions (L2S) for the last 11 years. Her main aim is to inspire her clients, teams she works with and audiences to achieve success through sustainable change.

As a personal coach she has a large varied client base, from supporting teenagers with anxiety to providing executive coaching for clients to develop competence, confidence and capability.

As a trainer and speaker she works with clients to design and deliver bespoke solutions that will inspire and enhance the performance of the team individually and collectively.

Jill is also a practising Pharmacist and has a passion for supporting the profession to realise its potential and its value to patients and other healthcare colleagues.

In her consultant role she has worked with Pharmacy teams across a number of Health boards delivering Leadership development, Change management, Team development, Resilience strategies and Advanced language and communication skills.

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