The 5 Senses of Pharmacy - delivering effective therapeutic relationships

“The quality of what Pharmacy Management is putting on is simply streets ahead of anything else I’m seeing at the moment. Keep up the good work!”
Noel Wicks, Managing Director, Right Medicine Pharmacy Ltd, Stirling
Satellite The 5 Senses of Pharmacy - delivering effective therapeutic relationships
Speakers Jill Cruickshank, Coaching and Development Consultant, Certified NLP Master Practitioner, Leading2Solutions
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After trialling this Emotional Development programme with early years pharmacists and conducting a research project with participants ( including Director level, Pharmacy Technician, Primary, Secondary and Community pharmacists) across a range of Health Boards there is great news to share. 

So would you like to:

  • Find out which 6 simple questions increased motivation levels
  • Hear how a simple Emotional development model increased confidence levels
  • Understand how reframing “Fears” increased flexibility of thinking 

If your answer is YES to any of these 3 statements then sign up to this interactive session to support your and others Emotional Development in your professional roles.

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