An Introduction to Quality Improvement: What is QI really for?

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Satellite An Introduction to Quality Improvement: What is QI really for?
Speakers Dave Grewcock (Head of Improvement, University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust)
Satellite Description

Dave’s presentation will look at how Quality Improvement is defined and the essential components of most improvement methodologies. Using the UCLH Improvement Model as an example, it will explain typical steps in a QI cycle and give those people who are new to QI some key concepts and tools that can be applied to their improvement work. But it will also explore what the deeper impact can be for individuals and organisations that adopt QI approaches – how it can lead to more enjoyable work, more engaged staff and more reliable organisations.  

Dave is the Head of Improvement at University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. His team is responsible for building the improvement capability of staff across the organisation, from all professions and grades. He is an accredited trainer for the NHS England - NHS Improvement “Quality, Service Improvement and Redesign” (QSIR) programme, which is emerging as a standard national curriculum for developing QI skills. His team supports improvement programmes at all scales in the organisation and collaborates on the Trust’s Exemplar Programme which assures the safety and quality of care across clinical services.

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