Communication skills: How to make the most of your consultation?

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Satellite Communication skills: How to make the most of your consultation?
Speakers Hilary Shields, PM Trainer
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You are already a skilled communicator, but sometimes you wonder if the point you wish to make has ‘missed its mark’. Whether that feeling arises with patients, colleagues or family, it happens to all of us on occasion.

In this highly practical session, delegates will learn how to make the most out of their consultations and interactions with colleagues and patients. Delegates will be asked to complete an online Communication Style survey prior to the workshop and a link will be sent out to all the delegates beforehand. The survey will take about 20 minutes to complete. Each delegate will receive an individual Communication Style report that outlines their preferred communication style and how that changes under pressure.

Hilary's early career was in the Royal Air Force where she was commissioned as an Officer in the Personnel Branch. These early leadership skills, earned in some very testing situations, have been an excellent base for the career roles that followed. With over 23 years of experience of the NHS and the Pharmaceutical Industry, Hilary regularly facilitates groups of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and Multi-Disciplinary Teams (MDTs) in the NHS. Hilary delivers some of the leadership and communication modules on the Clinical Leadership in Pharmacy (CLIP) programme and is a regular contributor to the Journal of Pharmacy Management.

 In July 2005, Hilary was appointed a Justice of the Peace for England and Wales and now sits as a Presiding Justice in the adult courts. This is an entirely voluntary role which is undertaken in addition to her training work.

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