Environmental impact of inhalers

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Satellite Environmental impact of inhalers
Speakers Dr Alexander Wilkinson (Respiratory Consultant, Respiratory Dept, East and North Herts NHS Trust)
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Climate change is the greatest public health threat the world faces, and we are all responsible for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The propellants in metered dose inhalers (MDIs) have been highlighted as very potent greenhouse gases and both BTS asthma guidelines and the NHS long term plan advise we should be working to reduce the climate impact of these medications. The talk will cover what we know about the greenhouse gas emissions from different inhalers, including different types of MDI, soft mist inhalers, and dry powder inhalers.  Potential strategies and opportunities to reduce environmental impact will be highlighted. Patients' views on this and opportunities to improve patient care, alongside reducing environmental impact of inhalers will be discussed. Strategies can include optimising care, selecting low carbon treatments, optimising inhaler technique, choosing the most environmentally friendly inhalers and inhaler disposal and recycling.

Dr Wilkinson completed undergraduate medical training at Cambridge University before qualifying in clinical medicine from Oxford University in 2005. /his postgraduate training was spread between Oxford and the East of England but he also worked for a year as a doctor in Muheza, Tanzania. As a specialist registrar he chaired the British Thoracic Society’s specialist trainees’ advisory group. In 2016 Dr Wilkinson was awarded the RCP excellence in patient care award for improving smoking cessation services and training.

His main specialist clinical interests include lung infection, bronchiectasis and Tuberculosis (TB). He has postgraduate qualifications in medical education from the University of Dundee. He works nationally with the British Thoracic Society as lead on sustainable respiratory care and is an associate of the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare in Oxford. He has numerous publications in this area and is particularly interested in reducing the environmental impact of inhaled medications.

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