Pulmonary NTM: what, who, when , how

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Satellite Pulmonary NTM: what, who, when , how
Speakers Prof Michael Loebinger
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NTM is increasing in incidence, and a result pharmacists will see more of it presenting across primary and secondary care. It affects patients with a wide variety of respiratory comorbidities; including COPD, CF, and bronchiectasis.

This session will help pharmacists understand the NTM epidemiology, the rationale for different therapies, who needs treating, and how they can support patients with NTM.

Professor Michael Loebinger is Professor of Practice (Respiratory Medicine) at Imperial and Consultant Respiratory Physician at Royal Brompton. He co-chaired the British Thoracic Society (BTS) Bronchiectasis Guidelines and co-wrote the BTS NonTuberculous Mycobacteria (NTM) and European Respiratory

Society (ERS) Bronchiectasis Guidelines.  He is a founding member of the UK and European Clinical and Research Bronchiectasis and NTM networks.

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