Using DOACs in PE: simply the best or best kept simple…?

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Satellite Using DOACs in PE: simply the best or best kept simple…?
Speakers Dr Alice Burridge (Specialist Pharmacist Anticoagulation, University Hospital, Coventry)
Satellite Description

Overview of DOACs: their indications, dosing regimens, their monitoring requirements. Overview of PE management: diagnosis, treatment options, provoked or unprovoked. What if you want to use a DOAC and your patient is over 120kg? On an interacting medicine? Also has AF? Workshop covering some real life case studies covering common queries and/or complexities associated with DOACs and PEs.

Alice is a registered pharmacist and independent prescriber. She currently works at University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust as the specialist pharmacist for anticoagulation. The primary responsibility of this role is to ensure safe use, effective management and risk minimisation for anticoagulant medication across the organisation. She also contributes to the teaching and training for healthcare professionals related to thrombosis and anticoagulation. Her primary clinical role is within Thrombosis clinics where she assesses patients with thrombosis regarding their long term management plans. Her previous roles have included working on electronic prescribing projects at Warwick, Guy’s and St Thomas’ and King’s College Hospital, which have resulted in publications related to using electronic prescribing to improve medication safety. She has also completed a PhD in pharmacy practice on the subject of clinical decision support in paediatrics and is now looking to participate in research related to anticoagulation and thrombosis.

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