PM Academy Webinar Series: Building Good Habits and Breaking Bad Ones | DOACs and safety

These meetings are intended for UK Healthcare Professionals and have been developed in accordance with the ABPI Code of Practice.

Event Name PM Academy Webinar Series: Building Good Habits and Breaking Bad Ones | DOACs and safety
Location Virtual - Joining link will be sent 48 hours prior
Start Date 10:00am 19/05/2021
Finish Date 11:45am 19/05/2021
Booking Closes 5:00pm 18/05/2021
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A regular series of fortnightly webinars to support professional development and enhancement of patient care by the sharing of best practice.

Utilising PM Trainers from the successful Clinical Leadership in Pharmacy (CLIP) programme to deliver practical learning sessions of skills designed to aid personal and organisation development.

To complement skills acquisition there will be a second session in the webinar to exchange best practice which will be delivered by presenters whose satellite sessions have been significantly oversubscribed at Pharmacy Management Conferences.

It is anticipated the PM ACADEMY will be very popular so early registration for each webinar is recommended.




Building Good Habits and Breaking bad onesPM Consultancy Trainer 

During this engaging webinar we take you on a journey of understanding and discovery using neuroscience to explain;

  • What is a habit?
  • How do habits form within our brain?
  • How can we create habits which serve us and how do we break those habits which are not helpful to us?
  • We introduce you to the reward system which underpins habits and give real life simple hacks to cultivate good habits consistently?
  • Your take away’s will include how to use:
    • Affirmations and Visualisation
    • Social persuasion
    • The ‘If-then’ technique

DOACs and safety - Lynne Garforth, Advanced Practice Pharmacist and Director, Ashburton Prescribing Consultants Ltd


This webinar is sponsored by Consilient Ltd who have had no input into the design or content of the webinar.

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