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Journal of Medicines Optimisation

Developing a patient-centred approach to get best outcomes and value from medicines

Volume 4

Issue 2

September 2018


In this issue:

Medicines optimisation in older people (MOOP); the journey from pilot to

permanent service

How effective are primary care pharmacists at running dyspepsia clinics for

patients prescribed PPIs?

A dip into GP management of urinary tract infection in the elderly

Undergraduate Education for Medicines Optimisation Principle 1: The ‘Socialisation

Internship’ and views from Mosaic Clubhouse, one of the partner organisations

PRIMM 29th Annual Scientific Meeting, 26th January 2018, London Optimising

Medicines – Factoring in Frailty

ISSN 2396-8613 (Online)

ISSN 2398-5445 (Print)