Journal of Pharmacy Management - Jan 2022

Journal of Pharmacy Management • Volume 38 • Issue 1 • January 2022 23 Appendix 1: Interview schedule Introduction Thank you for agreeing to participate in this interview. I am interviewing you for internal purposes, to better understand the impact of a consultant pharmacist asmentor and coach for PCNpharmacistsworking inGeneral Practice. I am interested in your own experiences; there are no right or wrong answers to the questions. Participation in this study is voluntary and your decision to participate, or not participate, will have no effect on your job nor your workplace environment. The interview should take approximately 30 minutes I would like to record the interview to ensure that I capture all of your responses. All interview responses will be confidential. Anonymised responses will only be shared within if this work is prepared for publication, your responses will only be used with your agreement and will remain anonymous. You may decline to answer any question or stop the interview at any time and for any reason. For the purposes of this interview, coaching refers to general professional development andmentoring refers to support with development of your pharmacy practice Do you have any questions about what I have explained? May I turn on the recorder? (For the record please can you confirm that you give consent to the recording of this interview) Start of interview Before we begin, please tell me a little about your history working as a pharmacist. Question 1. When joining the Trust what was your expectation of the role? Prompt: in relation to direct patient care, your own professional practice and the wider service? Prompts: What the skill sets did you feel you had had when starting the job in relation to the needs of the role? Prompts: Were you expecting to learn in the new role and as you progressed? Question 2: In relation to the role you nowwork, how do you feel about the service you provide Prompt: to patients, in your own professional practice, to the wider service Please give me some examples if you can Prompts: Did you ever feel as though one area was compromised? Prompts: Did you ever feel overwhelmed in the role that you were in? Question 3: Howwell supported have you felt in your role? Prompts: What support did you receive Please give me some examples if you can Prompts: Did you think the support provided was sufficient? Prompts: Did you know where to access some/more support if you needed it?