Journal of Pharmacy Management - Oct 2021

Journal of Pharmacy Management • Volume 37 • Issue 4 • October 2021 Considering this curriculum more closely resembles the current UK curriculum, this couldmean that many pre-registration students and their tutors are satisfied with the level of experience and competency gained during this year. Despite the apparent satisfaction with the intern year, this report also found interns find balancing full-time work and full-time study stressful, this issue may not be as prominent where the practice experience is gained during placements split over the final years rather than in one year as is currently the case in Ireland. Methods and Design While the main question being asked was broad - what opinions do students have? - this needed to be derived from several questions. Crucially, do the students perceive this change as positive, negative or would it make very little difference? Did the opinions differ between the years of study depending on how much they felt they might be affected by these changes? How will it affect future pharmacists? Will it affect potential students' likelihood to select this degree? Would students have been more or less likely to pick the course if the proposed changes had been in place when they were choosing their degree? Aim The aimof this study was to develop an understanding of pharmacy students' opinions on the proposed changes to merge the pharmacy curriculum and the pre-registration year and its impacts on those undertaking the course. Figure 1: Responses to rating questions 156